Dr. Akmal Makhdum

Dr Akmal Makhdum

Care systems developer & services development consultant


Dr. Akmal Makdum

Dr. Akmal Makhdum is a care systems developer and services development consultant in the United Kingdom. For the past 35+ years, Dr. Makdum has dedicated his life to improving the public’s understanding of mental health and helping individuals from around the world. His major achievements include opening Islamabad’s first detox and rehabilitation center to combat heroin addiction, and the founding of the British Pakistani Psychiatrists Association in 2000.

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Learn about Dr. Makhdum's journey, from living in the ancient city of Multan to moving to the UK to start his practice.


Published Work

Dr. Makhdum has published numerous research papers throughout his career. A collection of these papers are available on Amazon.

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Dr. Akmal Makhdum discusses his professional opinions, achievements, and more.

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